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Meaning of a bee in a dream

Dream of bee swarm

Bees live in large communities, they are organised, industrious and very disciplined. A bee family is a whole structure with a rather complex hierarchy and a clear system of distribution of responsibilities. This way of life makes bees very productive. However, people learned long ago how to build peaceful and profitable relationships with bees. The earliest depiction of a man collecting honey from wild bees is 8,000 years old. The so-called “The Man of Bicorp” was discovered in the Cuevas de la Araña, or Spider Caves in Valencia, Spain. People practised beekeeping in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Rome, and the Middle Ages. All this accumulated knowledge is the basis for the interpretation of dreams about bees, which in the vast majority of the dream books are defined as harbingers of good luck, financial success and good news.

General meaning of bees in a dream

To see bees in a dream is a great fortune, because in the vast majority of cases this dream portends the receipt of all sorts of benefits in life, including material ones. Success will accompany all your endeavours and projects, be it studies, work, creativity or relationships.

And even if the bees in your dream frightened you, it is always worth remembering that “the swarm itself chooses where to live”. This means that such a dream should be treated as a good warning and try to understand what exactly you should think about and how to behave to avoid trouble. The details of the dream, which you should try to remember, will also be very helpful in the interpretation.

Interpretation of a dream about bees by the dreamer’s personality

For a young woman, a single bee in a dream may mean a purposeful, persistent suitor who can achieve a lot; a bee sting – an unplanned pregnancy; a swarm of bees – an obsessive beau; bees bringing honey – good news or money.

Married woman – this is a good dream, which is interpreted as a sign of peace and prosperity in the family, the dream may also mean that you are ready for a common cause, which has long been planned: it may be a large family celebration, and a joint business.

For men, regardless of age, bees in a dream portend important but good news. If the bees in a dream was a lot, and they were busy doing business, then for men it is a good sign of good luck in all endeavours, especially in career growth. If the bees were aggressive, it is worth thinking about health.

Married man bees in a dream portend a large friendly family and longevity, he will be loved not only by grandchildren, but also by great-grandchildren.

How many bees are in a dream

One or more bees:

A businesslike, healthy and non-aggressive bee is a symbol of your labours, which are sure to be rewarded. A bee in a dream promises you a reward for your work, a bonus or a gift;

If one bee is joined by several others, your profits will increase.

Bee Swarm:

– Lots of bees flying chaotically around you, but not attacking – this is an unpleasant dream, most likely it scares you, but in reality it means small matters or problems that are constantly put off for later. They irritate you, take energy and do not let you concentrate on something more important, so it is worth finding time to deal with everything. Also, this dream can be interpreted as unconfirmed news, rumours that can worry you;

– Swarm gathered and ready to repel an attack – this may mean that you will be offered help, do not refuse it;

– A cohesive large swarm of bees flying in the distance from you – this dream may mean a rapid change of residence or work, but do not be afraid – it is a good omen, the changes will be positive and financially beneficial;

– Two swarms of bees – to a family celebration, most likely, to a soon wedding in your family.

A hive full of bees:

– A neat hive with bees dreams of prosperity in your home, but only if you do not feel fear in the dream and the bees do not threaten you, even if you are very close to the hive;

– Empty, abandoned beehive – this dream warns you of possible financial difficulties, you should be careful with investments and do not take financial risks;

-To make a hive yourself in a dream – you will be able to successfully resolve all the difficulties that have arisen;

-Watching someone making a beehive – such a dream means a reliable and wise person in your life, whose advice you should listen to;

-Well-maintained apiary with several hives – to good changes in your life, most likely you will have new interests that can bring a good income, also possible trips and business trips;

-A beehive full of honey – a very good dream, it always portends prosperity.

An apiary:

– a well-maintained, neat apiary with many hives, healthy and active bees, and professional workers – is a sign of not just prosperity, but real financial success and wealth.

What kind of bees did you dream about

Active bees in an apiary – this is a good dream about your achievements and the good results of your labours: your efforts will soon be appreciated.

Wild bees – if in your dream you met wild bees in the forest, it may mean that you value order and justice in everything and are ready to defend your opinion. This is worthy of respect, the more you are supported by friends and colleagues.

Sleeping bees – to slow growth, there will be some obstacles in your way. Also this dream can be interpreted as difficulties and misunderstanding in your family.

Very large, giant, but kind bees – to companions, helpers in work, like-minded people who support your endeavours.

Fabulous bees with whom you are friends – you have taken on an ambitious project, a complex but interesting case, you are worried about the results and need support. Don’t worry in vain – you have enough knowledge and perseverance to make it work.

Dead bees – there are several interpretations of this dream: someone believes that this is a bad sign, which may portend financial difficulties and health problems, but most dreamers agree that dead bees in a dream mean your victory in a competitive struggle and career growth.

Attacking – this is not a pleasant dream, but it has several different meanings:

– Bees flew up, but you drove them away – this is not a bad prediction, meaning sudden surprises and pleasant gifts from loved ones;

– Bee or several bees are trying to sting you – it is believed that for the dreamer it means public condemnation because of some unflattering act, which is better not to commit. If a bee tried to sting you, but tangled in your hair – this is a signal, you should pay close attention to your health. If a bee stung you – it is worth being on guard: the dream warns you either about an evil person near you, or about an unpleasant situation (reduction at work, a major loss or other monetary loss). And if the bee stung you and died – in your environment there will be a toxic person who will try to manipulate you.

– A bee crawls on you, but does not sting – to unreasonable anxiety and worries. Try not to be nervous and calmly perceive what is happening.

– Bee got to your ear – you will learn something that you should not know. If you manage to keep someone else’s secret, trouble will pass you by.

– Bees swarmed you – this is a very terrible and unpleasant dream, although some dreamers interpret it quite unexpectedly as a manifestation of friendship and your extreme popularity;

Bees and honey

A bee has fallen into honey – you need to be more cautious, trouble may appear where you did not expect it at all. This warning applies to all aspects of life, but you should be especially careful in the field of relationships and health;

Bear hunts for honey and ruins the bees’ nest – on your way may meet an evil unpleasant person;

Wild bees collecting honey – if in your dream you saw bees carrying honey to a hollow in the forest, it most likely means that hard work is in your blood.

Your actions in the dream

A bee stung you and it hurts – you are too naive and used to trust people, so you are very easy to deceive, beware of swindlers.

You are running away from bees, you are scared – this dream is unpleasant but important: you are on the threshold of big changes and the dream shows you that it is enough to procrastinate with the decision, it is time to change your life for the better.

You are saved from the persecution of bees – you were able to overcome a streak of trouble, you can exhale, ahead of you awaits a quiet time.

You catch bees – you will have an additional source of income, the main thing is not afraid to start something new.

You killed a bee – to the end of a difficult project or the end of unpleasant relationships. It is better to take a short time out to exhale, reboot and calmly start a new stage of life.

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