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What does it mean if a bee lands on you

The bee landed on me

Since ancient times, bees have been considered symbols of purity, nobility and hard work. The first evidence of human interaction with bees can be seen in an 8,000-year-old rock image.  The image “The Man of Bicorp” was discovered in the Cuevas de la Araña, or Spider Caves in Valencia, Spain. Man domesticated these insects for their ability to produce a tasty and healthy treat.  For centuries of joint existence, folk wisdom has accumulated a large number of proverbs, legends, and tales about bees. In this article, we will consider various options of meanings if a bee landed on you.

The meaning of the bee in different cultures

In ancient Egypt, bees had a divine origin. It was believed that they were the tears of the god Ra. That is why you can find many images of bees on the walls of various religious buildings of Ancient Egypt.

In ancient Greece, bees also had a direct connection with the god. It was they who brought honey to young Zeus and guarded his entrance to the cave where his mother hid him from his formidable father Cronus. The god Aresteus taught people beekeeping, olive growing and grape growing.

In ancient Rome, bees had a divine origin. They existed between the living and the dead, bringing into the world “heavenly gifts of airy honey.

In Hinduism, bees signified spirituality and spiritual enlightenment.

In Native American peoples, bees represent wisdom, harmony and the interconnectedness of all living things.

In Christianity, bees were associated with purity and hard work. In early Christian Exultet Rolls, bees were given a special place, as they brought the wax used to make Easter candles.

Spiritual meaning of a bee landing on you

It is believed that people who are often honoured by the attention of bees will be rich and successful. And by what part of the human body the insect landed on, you can predict some events that will happen in the near future. Let’s consider what signs mean when a bee lands on a person:

– A bee has chosen the hand, forearm or perched on the shoulder – it can speak of great financial prosperity. Probably, in the near future, a person can expect a promotion, a rich inheritance or a favourable marriage;

– The insect has settled on the head – this indicates that whatever road a person chooses for himself, he will definitely succeed in any field of activity;

– The striped worker decided to rest on your leg – this way it wants to inform you that an interesting or economically profitable long-distance trip awaits you in the near future;

– The bee squatted on the chest or abdomen of a girl – can talk about the imminent pregnancy.

There are also interpretations of dreams about bees. So, for example, if in dreams the insect has landed on any part of the body, then soon in reality you will find love and family happiness. And if a person in a dream swarmed the whole swarm and he does not run away from him and does not try to shake off the insects, it promises great health.

An exception is a folk legend, when bees in a dream not only sit on a person, but also sting him. In this case, you should expect quarrels with loved ones, problems at work, as well as large financial losses.

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