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Analysis of the honey market in EU in 2022

European Union honey market

In this article we will analyse the main indicators of the honey market in the European Union. We will look at data on honey production, exports, imports, average value, market share. For the analysis we use the data: FAOSTAT, Trade Map, Agriculture and rural development (European Commission).

Honey production in the EU

Honey production in European Union in 2022

EU honey production in 2022 was 236 019 tonnes. Which is slightly higher (2.8%) than in 2021.

Share of honey production in 2022

The European Union is the world’s second largest honey producer (13%) after China 26%

Honey production by EU countries, tonnes

Spain30 51334 06534 065
Romania30 71430 83129 760
Greece22 59022 59022 590
France23 73714 96020 019
Germany19 60019 60019 600
Poland19 03119 03119 031
Hungary14 00014 00014 000
Bulgaria11 51811 51811 518
Portugal9 81710 44111 465
Italy9 5009 5009 500
Czechia4 9976 0867 771
Croatia6 6576 6576 657
Lithuania6 0337 8946 017
Austria4 1004 3004 300
Slovakia4 2124 2124 212
Sweden3 4003 4003 400
Finland2 2003 1003 300
Slovenia1 2931 2522 405
Latvia1 6792 1352 302
Estonia1 1171 3431 631
Denmark1 5001 5001 500

The largest amount of honey is produced in countries located in the south. These are Spain, Romania, Greece, France, Germany, Poland and Hungary. This is due to the most favourable climate for the development of beekeeping.

EU honey exports

In 2022, the EU exported 37 640 tonnes of honey outside the EU, worth 157 843 thousand USD. The share of EU exports in the world is not large (4.7%) In comparison, the export share of the world’s leading exporter, China, is 20%. The small share of EU exports is due to the fact that the EU’s own honey production provides the EU with only 63% of its own honey. Therefore, the EU has to import honey in large quantities.

countries to which EU exports, thousand USD
Source: Trade Map

The EU exports the most honey to Switzerland, UK, USA, Japan, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Average price of exported honey from EU
Source: Trade Map

The average value of exported honey from the EU was $4.19 per kg. This is 25% higher than the global average value of exported honey of $3.33.

EU honey imports

In 2022, the EU imported 177 268 tonnes of honey worth $590 303 thousand. It is the second honey import market in the world with a share of 23%. The first place is occupied by the USA with a share of 27% or 205 156 tonnes.

From which countries European Union imports honey
Source: Trade Map

Ukraine and China are the undisputed leaders in supplying honey to the European market.  Ukraine’s share in European imports is 24%. The share of China is also 24%. As a result, these two countries cover 48% of honey imports.

Average price of imported honey
Source: Trade Map

The average value of imported honey in 2022 was $3.33 per kg. This is 5% higher than the world average price ($3.17).

Balance of exports and imports

Despite the fact that the EU produced 236 019 tonnes of honey in 2022. And is the second largest honey producer after China. The amount produced is clearly not enough for its own consumption. Therefore, with a small export of 37 640 tonnes, the EU imports 177 268 tonnes. Thus we see a negative balance between exports and imports. As a result, the EU only covers 63% of its honey needs.

Summary of the situation on the honey market EU

– The EU is the world’s second largest honey producer. 236 019 tonnes or 13%. China is in first place 461 900 tonnes or 26% in 2022.

– The EU is only 63% self-sufficient in honey. The rest it imports.

– EU honey trade balance keeps largely negative: Imports>Exports

– The EU is the second largest honey import market with a 23% share of 177 268 tonnes. In first place is the USA with a 27% share of 205 156 tonnes in 2022.

– The largest suppliers of honey to the European market are Ukraine and China.

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