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Is it good to be in the beekeeping age?

What does beekeeping age mean

A new interesting trend has started in Tiktok, which involves bees and beekeepers, but has to relate to general communication between people.

Now if we want to say that a person who is over 40-50 years old looks attractive, we can use the expression beekeeping age. The question of expressing the attractiveness of people at this age has been actualised before. But beekeeping age is a more correct replacement for more aggressive names such as Milf, Dilf, Zaddy, Silver fox.

Where did the expression beekeeping age come from?

The expression beekeeping age first appeared in an episode of Rick and Morty. Tricia Lange, observes her girlfriend Summer’s father, who is outside beekeeping. While watching him, she calls him sweet, dorky, beekeeping age. At the end, she utters: “Summer, I want to fuck your dad.” Afterwards, this expression became a trend on TikTok. Views of the video with the hashtag #beekeepingage exceeded 2.5 million. Thus by saying that a person is in beekeeping age we are saying a compliment. We are emphasising that the person looks attractive.

Is it an appropriate expression to describe a woman’s attractiveness?

Although beekeeping is still a male-dominated industry, the number of women in the industry is still not small. According to Career Explorer about a third of beekeepers in the US are women. So culturally we are perfectly capable of applying this term to both men and women.  Therefore, the term is gender neutral.

Why did the expression beekeeping age come to express the idea of attractiveness?

A very interesting question is why beekeeping age? Apparently it is worth looking for the answer in the beekeeping activity itself. Nowadays this kind of activity as a hobby is growing in popularity. And in most cases this applies to people of older age rather than younger. The image of a beekeeper as a mature person who does beekeeping as a hobby seems to be emerging.

As far as attractiveness is concerned, beekeeping is a rather active activity. And you need to be in good physical shape to drag hives, pump out honey, inspect bees, and be outdoors.

The symbol of the bee itself in world history and culture has always had a positive character. Very often the bee was associated with divine origin, as in Ancient Egypt. The bee symbolises diligence, prudence, vigilance.  As bees store their honey they also symbolise economy, thrift and in this sense are present on bank signs.  Napoleon Bonaparte’s personal symbol was the bee as a symbol of immortality and resurrection. In 1804, during Napoleon’s coronation, his purple imperial robe was embroidered with golden bees.

The bee is Napoleon's emblem.
Napoleon’s imperial robe was embroidered with golden bees

The usefulness of the expression “beekeeping age” for humans.

I see the introduction of the term beekeeping age as a very positive moment. Whether you like the term or not, it is a way of drawing the attention of Generation Z to beekeeping and bees. To draw attention to the issue of bee extinction and their role in human and planetary life. It is clear that this does not happen directly, but indirectly. Nevertheless, attention is drawn to this activity. This means that the efforts of the UN, Apimondia and other state and public organisations are not wasted.

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