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Is eating raw honeycomb good for you?

Raw honeycomb

Bee products have long been favoured by most sweet-toothed people. Thanks to the useful and therapeutic properties of natural bee products and their beneficial effect on the human body. They have been widely used in cosmetology and folk medicine, as well as in cooking for centuries. Most people eat only the most common product of bee activity – liquid or crystallised honey.

There are actually many more honey products that have invaluable benefits for the body. Raw honey in honeycomb is rightly considered a special product with a unique composition, regular and proper use of which can bring all the internal systems of man in order.

What is raw honeycomb

Honeycomb honey is a special product that contains useful substances, vitamins and microelements. Hundreds of honey bees work daily to create hexagonal honeycombs from wax, which they produce through the glands of internal secretion. Just before filling the cells with honey, the insects lubricate their walls with propolis. The bees place the collected and processed honey nectar in sterile wax cells, where the product matures for a certain period of time.

The final stage of construction and filling is the use of wax lids, which are used to close the cells with mature honey.

Honeycomb honey is a pristine bee product that has not been heat or chemically processed. It practically never spoils. This honey is considered to be the most biologically valuable and healthy.

Hundreds of honey bees work daily to create hexagonal honeycombs from wax.

Honeycomb honey ingredients

Honey in honeycomb consists of honey itself, wax honeycomb, propolis, pollen. In all this complex there are many useful substances for the human body:

– Fructose;

– Glucose;

– Iron and copper;

– Vitamin PP;

– Proteins;

– Ascorbic acid;

– Calcium and sodium;

– Magnesium and calcium;

– B vitamins;

– Phytoncides and enzymes;

– Fluoride and zinc;

– Pantothenic and folic acids;

– Albuminoids;

– Natural antibiotic substances;

– Wax, pollen, propolis.

Ingredients for honeycomb infographic
Honey in honeycomb consists of honey itself, wax honeycomb, propolis, pollen.

Benefits of consumption of honeycomb honey

A rich vitamin complex with a unique level of usefulness and digestibility makes honeycomb honey a kind of home doctor, which will help in the elimination of the following health problems:

– Strengthens gums, prevents periodontal disease;

– Cleans tooth enamel from dental plaque;

– Prevents the growth of bacteria;

– Accelerates the healing of small wounds in the mouth;

– Helps to get rid of throat diseases (laryngitis, tonsillitis).

– Eliminates food poisoning and intoxication of the body on the background of pregnancy;

– Reduces diseases of the respiratory system, inflammation of the lungs, frequent colds, bronchitis;

– Restores a weakened body after an illness, strengthens immunity;

– Reduces the effects of stressful situations, migraines, sleep disorders (including insomnia);

– Regular eating a teaspoon of honey is useful for cleaning blood vessels from cholesterol to remove free radicals, toxins and toxic substances from the body;

– Normalises metabolic processes in the body and accelerates metabolism;

– Eliminates signs of premature aging.

Benefits of raw honeycomb infographic
A rich vitamin complex with a unique level of usefulness and digestibility.

Contraindications to the use of honeycomb honey

– Tendency to allergic reactions, individual intolerance to bee products (observed in 4-6% of people);

– Age under 3 years;

– Emphysema of the lungs;

– Insulin dependence, type 1 diabetes diabetes. Natural honey products have a high glycemic index – 45 units, after eating the product it is fraught with a spike in blood sugar.

Diabetes of the second type is also considered a contraindication. In this case, the use of bee products is reduced to a minimum dosage of 2 teaspoons during the day;

How to eat raw honey in honeycomb

Following the advice of beekeepers with many years of experience, it is possible to understand the optimal scheme for the consumption of honey in wax cells. To begin with, it is necessary to find and choose a high-quality, and most importantly – natural product. Then arm yourself with a sharp knife and divide the useful product into pieces.

Chew one such piece until the characteristic honey flavour disappears (about 7-10 minutes). The waxy component that remains in the mouth after the specified time can be chewed further, you can continue to chew and “extract” the remnants of useful substances. Then swallow or spit out.

Beeswax is a natural sorbent of natural origin, which can deservedly be called a means that works on a par with activated charcoal. It perfectly copes with cleansing the body of harmful substances and accumulated toxins.

Do not overuse the amount of wax eaten. Strictly adhere to the recommended dosage. It provides up to 150 g per day for an adult and up to 45 g per day for a child. This is the amount of honey-wax product is enough to replenish the body’s reserves of useful substances, microelements and vitamins and do not start to gain weight.

Can honeycomb honey make you fat?

Honey in honeycomb is high in calories and has the same indicators with such products as lamb and sweet baked goods. In 100 grams of the finished product contains 327 kcal.

Those who have already managed to appreciate all the charm and benefits of honeycomb honey nectar, often worry about its calorie content, knowing that honey contains a lot of calories.

You can forget about such fears and worries, because the main part of the product is simple, easily digestible sugars, which are useful for the body and are not deposited on the sides. Eat honey in honeycomb in small quantities, up to 150 g per day for an adult and up to 45 g per day for a child. Then it will bring maximum benefits.

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