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How to decrystallize honey

A jar of crystallised honey

Honey can be stored for years if all conditions are met. But it cannot stay liquid forever –  crystals harden sooner or later. Do not worry: the crystallised product can be used, it retains its taste and useful qualities. We tell you how to decrystallize honey without losing its useful properties.

Decrystallisation in a water bath

One of the easiest and most effective ways to decrystallize honey is to put it in a container of hot water.

To do this, put the desired amount of the product into a glass jar and place it in a pot of hot water. The trick with a water bath will be successful if you follow the recommendations:

– Use a glass jar at room temperature.

– The lid will prevent the water from getting in, but don’t close it too tightly or the glass may crack due to the high pressure.

– Before heating the water, check that the water level matches the level of honey in the jar.

– Do not heat the water more than 40 °C: higher temperatures will cause the product to lose its beneficial properties.

– Stir the honey regularly to melt faster and more smoothly.

Decrystallisation in the microwave oven

This is a quick method of making crystallised honey liquid. To melt honey in the microwave, put it in a heat-resistant dish and put it in the oven. Set the power corresponding to heating not more than 40 °C and switch on the device for 20 seconds. Afterwards, stir the honey.

If any crystallised bits remain, send the honey back into the microwave again. Repeat in 20-second intervals until you have a liquid product.

Decrystallisation by the heating radiator

Not the fastest way to decrystallize honey. But it is easier to control the heating and avoid loss of useful properties.

It is important to keep the distance to the radiator: the hotter it is, the further away you should put the jar with honey.

Decrystallisation in the sun

In this case, constant solar heat is needed. Be sure to wrap the container with a material that does not allow sunlight to pass through: it can cause the honey to lose its nutritional properties.

Decrystallisation in the oven

Place a tray of water in the oven, place the container with honey on it and select a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. The heating time depends on the volume and the material from which the dish is made. During the process, stir the sweetness until it becomes soft.

In the yoghurt maker

Among the methods of how to melt crystallised honey, there is one. The principle of operation of the yoghurt maker is based on maintaining a constant temperature necessary for fermentation of dairy products. Therefore, it is enough to put honey in jars – ideally glass ones from under baby food, put them in the working chamber, close the lid and switch on the device.

A significant advantage of this method is that the heating temperature does not exceed 40 °C.

By decrystalliser

This is a device for professional beekeepers. It comes in two types:

– Flexible – a surface heater, which is mounted on the container with honey.

– Enclosed – several cassettes forming a closed heating space, inside which a container with crystallised honey is placed.

In both cases, heating is even, gentle and safe. Thermoregulators either switch off the heating themselves or signal the end of the process with an audible signal.

How to slow down the crystallisation process

Store honey in a dry, cool and dark place. Better in a glass container. Use only a clean spoon to take out the product. Make sure that the edge of the container is clean and dry, close the lid tightly. This will help slow down the crystallisation process.

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