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Difference between beeswax and soy wax

Beeswax vs soy wax

There are a large number of varieties of wax in the world. In this article we will compare two of them: beeswax vs soy wax.

What is wax

Wax is a group of fat-like substances based on complex esters of saturated carboxylic acids and higher one- or two-atom alcohols. Waxes are solid, but they soften and become malleable under slight heating. They melt at temperatures of 40-90 °C. Waxes are characterised by low reactivity, resistance to various reagents and have water repellent properties.

Origin of wax

Beeswax is an animal origin. It is produced by young bees between 10 and 20 days old. Beeswax is produced by wax glands located on the lower part of the abdomen.

Natural soya wax is an environmentally friendly product made from soya beans. The fatty, milky-coloured oil is extracted from the beans by mechanical pressing, then refined and hydrogenated.

Melting temperature

The melting temperature of beeswax is higher than that of soy wax. It is 62-69 degrees Celsius.

Soy wax melts at 45-60 degrees Celsius.


Beeswax, if not purified, has various shades of yellow colour, from light to darker.  If purified, beeswax is white in colour.

Soy wax is white in colour, slightly creamy.


Beeswax has a sweet honey odour.

Soy wax has a faint milky odour.

Burning time

Beeswax burns less than soy wax. This is because beeswax has a higher melting point than soy wax. Thus, soy wax can burn for a longer period of time.

Burning brightness

Beeswax has a brighter and warmer light when burned.

Soy wax may have a less bright and softer light.

Air purification

Beeswax has a unique advantage. When it burns, it releases negatively charged ions that help purify the air.

Ecological aspects

Soy wax is considered more environmentally friendly than beeswax because it is a biodegradable material and its production is not harmful to the environment.


Beeswax is more expensive than soy wax. This is because it is produced in limited quantities. A large amount of beeswax is used in beekeeping, so not as much gets on the market.

Where it is used

Beeswax has been used by mankind for thousands of years. The first evidence of its use can be found in Ancient Egypt, where we find evidence of systematic beekeeping. Nowadays beeswax is used in pharmaceutical industry for preparation of medicinal forms, medicinal ointments, food industry, production of candles and cosmetics, polishing mixtures, wiping emulsions, in printing and paint industry.

Soy wax is used for production of aromatic, massage candles and cosmetics: cream, lipstick, soap, solid perfume.

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